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Travel Tips: How to Avoid Motion Sickness

Motion sickness. That sick feeling that’s triggered by movement when you sit in a car, step onto a boat, ride a train, or fly across country. Many of us haven’t worried about it since travel became a touch and go subject at the beginning of 2020.

But as people have begun to adjust to the new normal and are finding safer ways to vacation, more people have spent their time traveling across country in cars and other motor vehicles. And with this resurgence in movement, motion sickness has begun to rear its ugly head.

Now that we remember our unsettling friend, how do we avoid it coming back into our lives?

Recognize the Triggers

The first step in preventing a problem is understanding what causes it. According to, “It can occur on amusement rides or virtual reality experiences. Seeing the movement of others or things can trigger it. Motion sickness is not life-threatening. However, it can make traveling unpleasant.”

Other triggers can include:

– Being unable to see the horizon from the backseat of a car or moving vehicle
– Attempting to read or focus your eyes on a fixed point while the car is moving
– Not getting enough air in the car

Understand the Symptoms

When motion sickness does strike, how does it present itself? While those effected vary, motion sickness is most likely to affect children from 2 to 12 years old, pregnant women, and people who are prone to migraines according to

For people who are sensitive to motion, motion sickness can manifest as:

– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Dizziness
– Sweating
– A general sense of feeling unwell

How to Avoid It

Like most things, preparation is key. There are a number of things you can do when preparing to travel to help avoid feeling motion sickness, or to limit its effects. Here are some things you can do according to

Before traveling:

– Avoid alcohol before and while traveling
– Eat lightly before travel, but avoid fasting
– Breathe fresh air often
– Do not smoke
– Choose appropriate seating: For flying, get a seat over the wing. For sailing, get an upper-deck cabin. For driving, make sure you call shotgun and get the front seat.

While traveling:

– Avoid reading
– Breathe fresh air often
– Do not smoke
– Look at a stable object
– On a boat, look at the horizon
– In a car, look through the windshield
– Relax, close your eyes, and try counting backward from 100 to reset your focus

When these Don’t Work

If you’re still experiencing symptoms and none of the tricks and tips seem to help, it’s time to turn to Jet-Avert.

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