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How To Stop Nausea Fast

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Experts have estimated that every third person will experience motion sickness. The rest are all subject to nausea from pregnancy, medications, and/or a range of illnesses. It’s safe to say that you’ll likely experience nausea in your life.

Yet, you don’t need to suffer from it for long. With the right knowledge, you can fight back against a bout of nausea. This article will give you just that.

Read on to learn how to stop nausea. 


Experts have recommended certain herbs to relieve nausea symptoms. The exact method of using these substances varies from substance to substance. 


You can ingest powdered ginger to help with nausea. Another suggestion is to put it into foods or drinks you intend to eat or drink. 

Peppermint and Mint

Experts have said that chewing on peppermint and mint leaves can help with nausea. You can also ingest them as teas or inhale them as scents.


Chamomile is best for nausea when sufferers drink it as tea. You can make this from a store-bought tea mix. 

Relaxation Techniques

Experts also often recommend certain physical techniques to help a nauseated stomach. You may find this especially helpful for anxiety or stress-induced nausea. 


If you’re focused on your nausea, it will feel worse. Try to shift your mind away from your pain. Do something you enjoy, like reading a book, or turn to some work activities.


Meditation and deep breathing can both distract you and ease your stress. Try to look up some different techniques online, such as these


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese health technique. It involves applying pressure to certain areas of the body. This can help relieve certain illnesses and stressors.

Try pressing the nausea point. This lies two inches down from the heel of your hand. 

Other Substances

Here are some other various nausea solutions that experts recommend using. 

Fresh Air

Experts aren’t certain why fresh air helps nausea, but it does. Try sitting next to an open window or going outside. 

If you can’t go outside, place a fan near a window. Let it push the fresh air into your room. 

Cool Compress

A bag of ice, a cool towel, or another cold object can help. Place one of these on the back of your neck. 

This nausea solution helps in two ways.

First, it is soothing. Second, it cools the body. As nausea can raise the body’s temperature, this is very helpful. 


Lemons contain an acid. This can help aid the stomach with digestion.

You can put some lemon juice in water and drink it. Sucking on the lemons themselves is also an option.

Don’t overdo this, though. You may end up making your nausea worse. 

In Addition: 

How To Stop Nausea with Medications

These solutions are great and can work in a pinch to help with nausea. However, over-the-counter medications are your best bet. Expert medical professionals made these to solve ailments.

One example of these is jet-avert nausea protection. Try it the next time you experience nausea symptoms.