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4 Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness on Your First Cruise

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Avoid Getting Sea Sick on Your First Cruise with These 4 Tips

Fighting sea sickness on your first cruise might not be something you count on, but it happens to many people prepared for it or not. There are reasons for motion sickness that can have nothing to do with your cruise. Whatever the cause, there are some simple tips that might help you enjoy your cruise and avoid motion sickness. 

1. Get Out in the Fresh Air

Becoming motion sick on a cruise ship is often caused by being in stuffy quarters below deck. One way to help stop sea sickness before it starts is to get up on deck, where you can breathe in some fresh air. This also helps if you come down with a touch of sea sickness before you have time to stop it in its tracks. Some deep breathing can have the magical effect of making you feel human again and ready for your adventure. 

2. Try to Get a Cabin Midship, Lower Level

Try to spend as much time as you can near the middle or back of the cruise ship where there is generally less motion. If you have the option of choosing your cabin, request a room as close to the middle as possible and a lower level. A midship cabin will allow you less motion and less engine noise. When wandering out on the deck and seeing what activities are included with your cruise, the more time you can spend looking off the back of the ship where you will likely experience less motion. 

3. Eat a Little Bit

Food can make your motion sickness better or worse, so be careful what you eat and how much before you board your cruise ship as well as once you’re underway. It’s usually best to eat just enough so you don’t have an empty stomach. Resist the urge to go overboard, so to speak, on the buffet or other goodies, until you know how your stomach will react. A few saltine crackers or pretzels often help keep sea sickness at bay and can help calm nausea if it gets to that point. 

4. Take an Over-the-Counter Medication

Talk to your pharmacist about OTC medications to help prevent and soothe motion sickness on your cruise. There are pills and wristbands that are helpful in many cases, be it from riding in a car, being on the water, or flying. These remedies also help avoid motion sickness from other causes, so you can choose the right one for your situation. Jet-Avert® is one of the OTC remedies that might be the answer to your motion sickness problems. 

Contact us at Jet-Avert® today with any of your questions about how to avoid motion sickness. Your first cruise should leave you with happy memories to last a lifetime.