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Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness

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Motion sickness can be difficult to endure, especially for those who are prone to experience it while spending time on a boat or an airplane. Many people fail to know how to find relief to ensure they can enjoy their time traveling. Fortunately, there are a few tips to follow to prevent it from occurring.

Limit the Foods You Eat

Consuming too much food or drink before you get onto a boat or spend time in a moving car can trigger feelings of nausea and dizziness. Make it a point to only snack during the day to prevent your belly from being full. Don’t consume anything that has a high fat content or is greasy. It’s also important to avoid drinking any alcohol.

Similarly, eating a light snack can also alleviate some of the nausea you’re experiencing. Pack a small bag of saltine crackers that you can munch on. Don’t eat anything that is hard to digest. Bananas, apples, dry cereal, and bread are other options that can help. Drinking a carbonated beverage, juice, milk, or water can also help relieve your nausea. Soda and coffee should be avoided because they’re known to be dehydrating.

Sit in the Front Seat

One of the most common reasons most people experience motion sickness is because they sit in the backseat of the moving vehicle. When you’re taking long drives, always sit in the front and crack the window to ensure you can get fresh air. Turning the air conditioner on may also help. Avoid reading and never sit backward.

If you’re on a ferry, it’s important to sit in the direction that the boat is moving. It’s also essential to focus on a stationary object, which will help with your visual stimulus. You can also try to lean your head back and relax your neck to alleviate some of your symptoms.

Find a Distraction

Find something that will help you feel distracted to ensure you take your mind off of how you’re feeling. Listen to your favorite music, play an audiobook, or have a conversation with someone.

Use Over-the-Counter Medication

If the above tips don’t work, many people find over-the-counter medications to be extremely helpful in preventing motion sickness if they take them before the motion starts to occur. A motion sickness aid called meclizine can prevent mild cases of motion sickness from developing. Jet-Avert is a meclizine product that has been found to deliver results and offers protection from morning to night.

You can also get prescription medication from your doctor if you need something stronger that lasts longer. Some prescriptions feature a patch that you can wear throughout the day.

You no longer have to fear the next time you need to board a plane or a ferry. With the right tips followed, you can feel more comfortable and prevent motion sickness from developing until you reach your destination.